Monday, July 11, 2016

Ways We Save

Phil 4:6- 7  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

On the 4th of July, my bestie invited us over to her place in the evening (we otherwise stayed home all day) and she grilled hot dogs and we had mac n cheese and watermelon with chips at her place.  Her daughter and son in law brought over fire works and set them off in her drive way. We had alot of fun.  The daughter bought too many hot dogs so we were blessed with an extra pack and some buns.  

I have been trying to track our electric meter and watch the total, and if it looks like we will exceed my budet of $170.00 I look for ways to cut expenses.

I hate line dried crunchy clothes but I was given a tip dry them for only like 5 minutes then they will be softer so I am trying that this week. For the past two months my bill has been right at 170. I unplug things when not in use, and keep the thermostat mostly at 80.

I mentioned a few weeks ago we went to Wisconsin, I collected all the free samples coffee and tea included so I have added the coffee from the hotel to my coffee can....(i have a smorgasbord going on in that can).  I also brought home all the soaps that are free, and Ms. Brown gave us an abundance of little gray shorts for the kids that have been perfect for summer in Florida, as well as swimming, and sleeping in.

We looked on pinterest for DIY mixes for an easy bake oven and were blown away by all the options.  My daughter used her money to buy regular sized bisquick, cake mix, sugars, chocolate chips, and we will be able to bake in that thing quite a even gave me ideas for her birthday and Christmas....(the easy bake oven was the toy my daughter chose at the church's thrift store while we were at the bread basket.  While not a need and I feel every dollar needs to was just a dollar and she had her own money anyway.)  It has her interested in cooking...and it is teaching her to takes about 15 mins to bake just one pizza.

Started saving my husband's soda cans will take time to get anything from them...but I use the pop tabs for crafts too.

I have mentioned that I use Swagbucks. I have been working it faithfully, so far blessed to meet daily goals etc.  Well I had signed up or done a survey for Publix and Motts, and won free movie tickets to see the Secret Life of Pets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are super excited.  We could use a little break.

We were blessed to recieve some potatoes, a can of tomatoes, two packages of hot dog rolls and spaghetti noodles from a friend going on vacation and would not be able to use the items.

I made an angel food cake from scratch, and sugared down some end of life strawberries from the bread basket.  It actually wasn't bad.

I made body wash using a generic bar of the Dove brand that Dollar general husband was using my shampoo as body wash as he hates bar soap. I found bar soap in the cabinet. I got more body wash from the generic brand then I do the name brand.

I used empty bottles and jars around the house to bottle it.

We visited the bread basket again...and it was definitely a blessing.  Two answered prayers I desperately needed fresh collard greens and we were soon going to run out of milk.  We got a half gallon of milk!!!!  Allowing me to stretch dollars!  Praise the Lord!.

I continue to use baking soda and a couple drops of Dawn as dishwasher detergent.

We returned a small car part for about $4.00 that we couldn't use.  And scratched up loose change.  We ended up with about $7.00.

How was your week? I got to admit, emotionally things are stressful. Belinda's funeral was Saturday, we were unable to attend, but our hearts were with everyone.  The finality of her being gone is setting in to know the next time my "dad" comes she won't be with him. Definitely struggling with a little depression. Love you all though.


  1. Sending a big ole hug to you and your family with the loss you are suffering.
    Sounds like you are saving every way you can.
    So happy you won the tickets. KNow you will enjoy that.
    sending a big ole hug and prayers your way.

  2. I loved my easy bake oven as a little girl. I saw one on sale at walmart the other day and was thinking someday I'd like to get my granddaughter one. (She's just a baby now). You are doing so many amazing things to save money and make ends meet. So proud of you. Hang in there!!

  3. I too am impressed with the way you stretch things out. So happy to see people blessing you with their extras. I know it's hard with relatives living further away. My parents live out west and I'm in Ontario so that will eventually happen to us too. God bless. Marg

  4. I follow one blog where the lady stretches her whole milk by adding half water to it when she gets to a half gallon. She said as long as it's cold from the refrigerator her family never notices.
    Take care.

  5. I pray God gives you the peace that passes all under standing praying for you.

  6. I pray God gives you the peace that passes all under standing praying for you.

  7. You are doing phenomenal, keep up the good work!! It is wonderful to see the way the Lord has provided for your needs.