Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our Plans for Christmas!

I said I would share the project that I made for my son for Christmas, and I am keeping true to my word!

Here it is.  I took an old frame that I picked up at a thrift store some time ago.  Took the original photo out and turned it around and used it like poster board.  The frame was originally gold.  I was going to paint it blue with a sample I had, but a friend who loves to craft probably more than anyone I know happened to have spray paint.  She spray painted the frame for me and added glitter cuz well everything should sparkle if you ask me.

I filled the frame with photos that my step dad gave us two years ago to my son for his birthday. They are photos taken during his military service time.  I have a case full of scrap book paper that I bought a couple years ago from a thrift store for like 7.00.  I talked to my step dad and since his service was Navy and Army we decided that red white and blue were the best colors to use.

I fished through other stuff I had and we added little details like sparkly back ground behind some photos, cut stars out and added little arrows etc.  Below you will see the finished project.  If you notice the letters that say Navy Man and Army well when i put the glass back in the frame I cracked it.  That was my creative way of hiding the breakage, i don't think my son will know.

I also filled the kids stockings up with some of their favorite treats, and created bags like that for some other kids.

I could not afford the kids school pictures this year with the changes in my life (yes I know I chose those changes,)  but for two gifts maybe three by the time I am done I cut out the tiny proofs I was given to give to a friend, and the kids made a home made photo out of them for their Dad for Christmas!

I will also make peanut butter blossom cookies, and peanut butter balls covered in chocolate as gifts.

For some added decoration to the house, I hung up art things my kids made at school.

For Christmas dinner, we decided to make what I call mock Chinese food.  I make white rice, we add soy sauce, diced ham, and sweet peas.

I also purchased green sherbet and lemon lime soda for Grinch punch.

So may I encourage you, if you need to save money or don't have money to spend this Christmas, look around and see what you may have around the house that you can already use.  Talk with family and friends perhaps they have something laying around that you could make something out of.  You can cut cute photos our of magazines or take family photos and pass them down in a creative way. I mean i borrowed our Christmas tree this year.  We were going to maybe draw one on a mirror or try building one our of books, but someone lent me one.  Don't despair.  Dinner doesn't have to be traditional, do what you can afford. It is the time and memories made that will really be what last forever!  Cuddle up make some popcorn and watch some Christmas movies.

 Here are ideas from Christmas'

Hope this helps someone and offers some inspiration!



  1. Your gifts were very creative!! Great job! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!! .....Vicky in Ky.

  2. MJ, glad to see you are back. Sorry to hear of your circumstances, but I'm sure you made the best decision you could. You are a good mom and may God continue to bless you and yours. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and may 2017 be a good year for you!